One of my favourite things to do is sit down in front of my 50inch TV and play on my consoles. I have both the xbox 360 and the ps3 however soon I will also have a ps4 which I am super excited about!

However… despite new releases such as GTA V I have found myself playing games like friV more and more! The website I’m using is PlayFrivgames.org which I think is great.

For the past month or so before I found friv games I was actually playing on the new GTA V game a lot. I still play it from time to time now because I think the online mode is awesome and it’s a real load of fun, but I’m not playing it as much since getting interested in friv games.

Here is what GTA V looks like:

gtav, ps3, online gaming, friv

I highly recommend GTA V if you haven’t already. If you’re easily offended by violence though then perhaps you shouldn’t play it lol. I know a few people who might not approve of it, but I personally think it’s hilarious.

One of the reasons I have found myself playing friv games online is because I work from home and I am on the computer doing work related stuff like seo and internet marketing so naturally being on the internet friv games are easily available to me.

If I go on my consoles then no work is getting done, however if I am on a website playing some kind of friv free online game then I can still work (perhaps not that well) but I can also flick back to my work in between gaming. That’s why I think these styles of games are so addictive because people can get away with playing them at work when they are bored.

Anyway, I put this together just for fun, I figured it’s nice to blog about hobbies sometimes!

Welcome to my website

On this website you’ll find information about making money, investments, seo and reviews of money making systems.

I’ve been generating a full time income on the internet since July 2010 and this year I have been able to take my income to the next level thanks to a mixture of hard work, persistance and being part of a great business and team.

Current projects I’m working on:

SEO Client Consulting

This year for me has been one to build foundations and after setting the foundations for my affiliate marketing business I have decided to move into the SEO Consultant business to market my website www.marksherris.co.uk

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Property Investment

I have co-founded a new property investment project at www.americanpropertyinvestments.co.uk where we market USA properties. I created this website as an idea with my dad as he has experience investing in this niche.

Read the property investment FAQ to learn more about how it works.

Essentially the property market in the usa took a huge downturn with the global recession but this allowed property prices to reach extremely low prices. For people who have money to invest this is great as houses can be purchased extremely cheaply and give great returns of up to 30% in some places. Detroit and Florida are some of the key locations where you can pick up these kind of properties.

The property market is now on the rise but there are still many people who need to rent simply because they can’t get mortgages, so it’s a perfect time to own the right properties.

To learn more about how it works check out our website.

property investment, usa property

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